Photo by Sasha_Litt/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Sasha_Litt/iStock / Getty Images

Healthy Homes, Healthy Habits

In this study we build on the strengths of established Home Visitation Programs, which serve at-risk, low-income, diverse mothers and their infants, to test a weekly, in-home childhood obesity prevention model. We promote healthy eating and activity habits in the family, and modify the home environment and families' social networks so that they provide support for their healthy habits. 

Funder: NIH/NICHD 1R01HD092483-01 (PIs: K. de la Haye, S.J. Salvy)


Monitoring and Modeling Family Eating Dynamics (M2FED)

This project proposes M2FED – a system of in-home beacons, wireless and wearable sensors, and smartphones that provide real-time data on families eating in the home. The goal is to monitor and model family eating dynamics in real time, and ultimately  develop  just-in-time, adaptive interventions.

Funder: NSF IIS-1521740 (PI: D. Spruijt-Metz)


Photo by mattjeacock/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by mattjeacock/iStock / Getty Images

Network Science of Teams

This Multi-University Research Initiative (MURI) supports a multidisciplinary team with expertise in cognitive and behavioral science, sociology, computer science, network science and statistics to generate multilevel, dynamic models of teams that explain various dimensions of performance and success. The resulting conceptual and statistical models that relate group composition, interaction patterns, and network evolution to task performance, will break new ground in understanding the optimal design of teams for complex tasks.

Funder: U.S. Army Research Office, W911NF-15-1-0577 (PIs: Singh, Bullo, de la Haye, Friedkin, Malone, Uzzi)



Building Social Networks to Improve Physical Activity and Weight Loss in Latino Parents

This study examines the social network conditions that can facilitate (or constrain) the spread of physical activity and healthy weight changes in groups of people participating in obesity interventions.

Funder: NIH/NICHD, 1R01HD084606-01A1 (PI: S. Gesell)