Current research projects


Healthy Homes, Healthy Habits

This study builds on the strengths  of established Home Visitation Programs, which serve at-risk, low-income, diverse mothers and their infants, to test a weekly, in-home childhood obesity prevention model. We promote healthy eating and activity habits in the family, and help to build families' social networks so that they support their healthy habits. 

Funder: NIH/NICHD 1R01HD092483-01 (PIs: K. de la Haye, S. Salvy)


M2FED: Monitoring and Modeling Family Eating Dynamics

This project proposes M2FED – a system of in-home beacons, wireless and wearable sensors, and smartphones that provide real-time data on families eating in the home. The goal is to monitor and model family eating dynamic system in real time, and ultimately  develop  just-in-time, adaptive interventions.

Funder: NSF IIS-1521740 (PI: Spruijt-Metz)

Katherine Nowak

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Jennifer Muller

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William Eckart

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